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Having Technical issues? Here are some common problems and solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Will Optifine work on this server?

Yes and No. For some players, they have no issues running optifine, mostly to use shaders, on our server. However Optifine is very unstable with Minecraft 1.16 in general, let alone on a modded server. If you are experiencing crashes or frequent time out issues, it is recommended that you remove optifine.

I have a "Mismatched Mod channel list" error, and cannot connect to the server. What gives?

Getting this error means your modpack is not up to date with what the server has. You will want to make sure you have selected the most recent version of our modpack (or the Pixelmon Official Modpack) to ensure connectability. You can locate our most recent version of our modpack here.

I am getting a "Internal Exception: Connection reset" and getting kicked from the server frequently. How do I fix this?

Typically this is an indication of an Internet issue. Bad or slow internet can cause it, as it is an internal exception. It can also mean you do not have enough RAM allocated, and the game is timing you out. If restarting your router or raising the amount of RAM you have does not work, go to the Discord and select #open-ticket.

How do I allocate more RAM to the game?

For Curseforge, you will want to right click the little settings gear on the bottom left of your client.

Then, select, under Game Specific, Minecraft.

Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you will see Java Settings, and underneath that, you'll see Allocated Memory. This is where you can set the amount of RAM. The best amount is 4 (4000MB) or 6 (6000MB) of RAM. If 4 does not work, do 6. Modrinth defaults the RAM allocation to something very low, so we strongly recommend checking your RAM allocation using the same method through your settings before submitting a ticket.

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