Some of the fun things we uniquely host on our server!

While our server is by no means classified as an “event” server, we do like to engage the players in different event types to shake up gameplay and offer players of different skill sets an opportunity to shine.

Some of the events we offer:

  • Boat Races

  • Ice Boat Races

  • Obstacle Courses (Obbys)

  • Musical Chairs

  • Hide n’ Seek

  • Parkour

  • Mazes

  • Swim Races

  • Color Swap

We frequently change up and update these events, and make efforts to even out the playing field by not allowing any commands, perks, cosmetics, hats, or Pokemon to affect other gameplay. Additionally, frequently changing up the events, prevents players from practicing them and/or memorizing them in order to give them an advantage.

So even if you are brand new, check them out! You get points if you finish the event, even if you don’t get first!

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