Commands to help get you started and allow you to expand your playing!

Basic Commands

New to Pixelmon? New to Minecraft? These commands will help you start your adventure and provide you with tools, items, and the basics to get started!

/rules - View the rules of the server.

/rtp - Pulls up a menu to show where you can randomly teleport to: the main world, the nether, the end, or the resource world.

/tpa - Allows you to request to teleport to someone.

/kits - Allows you to claim a unique kit to your specific server rank that has basic items to help you gather, grow, and expand your playing abilities.

/warps - Shows our warp menu with all available places you can go to./warp info - Will teleport you to a place that has helpful guides on the walls for you.

/sethome (name) - Allows you to set a home location for the place you are standing in. Trainers, the entry rank, by default, get 2 homes.

/claim - Toggles the claiming feature to protect your base or builds. Simply right-click opposing corners on opposite sides of the area you wish to claim (think like a square), and it will create a protected area for you.

/trust - Allows you to trust your friends. By default, it allows them to build and access everything. If you wish to be more selective, you can do /trust accessor, builder, container, manager, or resident.

/spawn - Returns you to the starting area from when you joined the server.

/vote - Provides links where you can vote for the server. This will provide keys that you can redeem at the crate area.

/discord - Provides the link to our discord, so you can join.

/store - Provides the link to our website store page.

/back - returns you to the last place you were before warping or teleporting somewhere else.

/msg (Player) - Privately messages a player.

/bal - Shows how much money you have.

/pay (player) [amt] - Allows you to pay a player.

/sellgui - opens a GUI for you to sell things from your inventory. Not all items are sellable.

Extra Commands

Commands with a * next to them are rank-accessible only.

/ranks - Shows all available ranks on the server and their affiliated perks. TrainerPlus is the only rank that can be obtained through in-game currency.

/trade - allows you to safely trade with other players to prevent from being scammed.

/shovel - makes a golden shovel appear that allows you to make a claim.

/pc - Pulls up your PC no matter where you are. *

/pheal - Allows you to heal your entire team no matter where you are. *

/shop - Opens the Pokemart to allow you to purchase or sell items.

/trash - Allows you to throw away useless items without clutter.

/pgift (player) [slot] - Allows you to give another player the selected Pokemon in your party.

/wondertrade [slot] - Allows you to Wondertrade away the selected Pokemon. Wondertrade is when you put a Pokemon in and receive a random Pokemon back. You can do this every 30 minutes.

/hunt - A server feature that rewards you for catching one of the specified Pokemon. Some hunts may just want the Pokemon, others may want a specific gender or size.

/bingo - A server feature that rewards you for capturing the Pokemon seen. Everyone’s bingo card is completely random.

/gts - Allows you to put your Pokemon up for sale.

/daily - Collect a reward for logging in consecutive days!

/pwarp list - Displays all player warps that you can visit on the server. /pwarp help - Shows all command options to set up a player warp.*

/battlefactory - A system from the Pokemon games, where you get 3 random pokemon to battle your way as many consequtive times as possible. Possibility of winning store credit if you're in the top 3 more wins at the end of the month!

/battlepass - Displays the free and premium tiers of our battle pass system. Premium can be obtained in /store.

/wallet - Allows you to see all currencies that you have.

/ivs [slot] - Allows you to see the specific IVs of that Pokemon.

/evs [slot] - Allows you to see the specific EVs of that Pokemon.

/chatshow [slot] - Allows you to show off the specific Pokemon to the server.

/eggsteps - Shows how many steps are needed to hatch an egg in your party.*

/dex - Shows your Pokedex completion percentage and rewards.

/endbattle - In the event you need to stop a battle or if a battle is glitched.

/cosmetics - Shows what cosmetics you may have purchased and/or available cosmetics to purchase.

/ll - Known as “last legend”, where you can see what and when the last legendary spawned on the server was.

/wiki [pokemon] - Allows you to pull information about a Pokemon, such as where/when it spawns, any available “palettes” (textures), etc.

/claimlist - See what claims you have made and their coordinates.

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