Freqently Asked Questions

  1. What are some ways to make money on the server?

Doing the various commands we’ve added onto the server: /hunt, /bingo, /battlepass, /vote, /warp battle tower. You can also create your own player shop to sell items to players, and there’s /gts to sell Pokemon. For new players that are concerned about loot availability, we do periodically reset the Nether, End, and Ultra Space. I do not recommend building bases there, as we will not compensate for any lost items/buildings.

  1. Can I go AFK on the server, or will I be kicked?

As of right now, you are permitted to be AFK on the server. Preferably, if you are going to be AFK for a very long while, it would be respectful to your fellow players to be AFK at spawn, to prevent a legendary from spawning on you. Staff does reserve the right to move you if it becomes a problem.

  1. Can we request events?

Preferably not. Events are held infrequently at the whims of staff and their availability. Often they may be playing the game themselves or are working on something that they may not be able to do.

  1. I want to become staff, how do I apply and what are you looking for?

That's awesome that you want to help out! You can apply on our discord on the #apply-for-staff channel. What we look for changes as time and staff changes. We look at time played, when you joined, your player interaction, your history with staff, your time available, your matureity, etc. We look at it from all angles, to ensure you are compatible with existing staff.

  1. Does the server do hard resets? (Pokemon, player data, etc.?)

We do not like resets. That being said, it does not mean we never will. In cases where there are extreme broken aspects of the server (map corruption, player data corruption, economy/server extreme disbalance), we will make an executive decision to do a reset. At the end of the day, we will do what is best for the longevity and benefit of the server long term.

  1. Are my purchases permanent even in the event of a hard reset?

No. While we typically will retain player ranks, digital goods are never promised to be permanent per our Terms & Conditions and Disclosures via Tebex. This contributes as to why we do not like doing resets, as we want you to enjoy what you pay for as long as possible, because unless the purchases were made within a limited window prior to a reset, those goods are not reimbursed.

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