PLEASE READ: Claims on the server *EXPIRE* if you go 60+ days in a row of not being online! If your base gets claimed by someone else, we will *NOT* reverse that. All rules are subject to change, and are enforced on the judgment of staff. You can request a clarification on a ruling, but ignoring or disregarding a ruling will lead to further punishments. Minecraft EULA states we must keep the server appropriate for ages 10+. Therefore, swearing, sexual/adult topics, etc. are not permitted. "Hell" and "Damn" are fine, as long as not excessively done.

  1. Please exercise common sense and avoid disrupting other players' gaming experiences.

  2. English is the only language permitted in the main chat. You can use other languages in private messages.

  3. No racist/sexist/homophobic/political comments or jokes. You might find it funny and your friends might too, but maybe not other players.

  4. No inappropriate links or topics of conversations whatsoever.

  5. No bullying is allowed. What constitutes bullying behavior is up to staff.

  6. Griefing and stealing is not permitted.

  7. Absolutely no advertising of any other servers, modpacks, discords, or anything outside of SquirtleSquadMC is allowed unless approved by upper staff.

  8. Scamming other players is against the rules, and all agreed-upon deals should be honored.

  9. Do not excessively use commands to spam other players, such as /tpa or /msg.

  10. Do not request Pokemon, items, or permissions from players or staff members via unsolicited private messages. If they are selling items/pokemon, they will use GTS or their shops or announce that they are in general chat.

  11. Asking players to buy in-game items with IRL money is not permitted. If you offer to buy in-game items with your IRL money, that is okay. (cannot harass someone for their IRL money, essentially)

  12. Automatic farms (e.g., cactus or sugar cane farms) are not allowed. Mass farms or mass redstone contraaptions are not permitted.

  13. The use of mods or clients that provide unfair advantages in-game is strictly forbidden. This includes auto-clickers.

  14. Exploiting any bugs, glitches, or obvious unintended loopholes within the server is strictly prohibited; report such issues to staff immediately.

  15. Offensive or inappropriate skins, IGNs, pokemon names, or signs are not allowed. This is up to staff to determine.

  16. Impersonating staff or other players is strictly against the rules. (ie: nicknaming similar to a staff name, or using a staff title in your nick)

  17. Mass or frequent underselling of breedable/rare Pokemon, items, legendaries, or loot, or attempting to disrupt the server's economy is not allowed and will result in punishment at the discretion of staff.

  18. Using alternative accounts (alts) is not allowed.

  19. Donator commands are not permitted to be used as a sellable perk. If you want to help a player by hatching an egg for them, you cannot charge them for it.

  20. Mass giveaways, including drop parties and giving away all your items, are prohibited.

  21. No arguing or ignoring anyone from the staff.

  22. Deliberately claiming or blocking Pokemon loot or tier crates to prevent others from accessing them is not allowed.

  23. Do not harass staff regarding a ticket or application. We are getting to them as quickly as possible.

  24. AFK or NPC farms are not permitted.

  25. No complaining about a mute, temp ban, etc. Only the person who has been punished should contact staff directly. Staff will not speak to anyone but the player involved.

  26. No toxic or instigating behavior on the server or discord. This is up to staff determination.

  27. Disrespect of any form is not permitted. You are free to exercise your opinion, you are not free to be rude, resort to name calling, or be passive aggressive. There are ways to express yourself constructively without resorting to disrespect. If you cannot say it politely or neutrally, do not say it at all.

  28. Do not build along the edges or very close to someone else's claim. Respect other people's space. Give at least a 25-50 block distance.

Due to the adjustments to the Minecraft EULA, any content or behavior deemed inappropriate or in violation of the EULA can and will be subjected to removal or a ban. This is up to staff discretion in order to maintain the preservation of the server and its community.

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