Elaboration of the Rules

To clarify any questions pertaining to the rules.

  • English in main chat is due to the server and staff being primarily English speakers: it is our job to ensure no harmful/toxic/bullying behavior is occurring in main chat, and it allows us to answer questions. Team chats, private messages, etc. are permitted to have any language, provided it is appropriate.

  • Advertising includes mentioning, linking, directing, or showing off to other players any different servers, whether they are Pixelmon servers or not, other Discords, or other mods are strictly forbidden. Only SquirtleSquad links for Discord and the website are permitted.

  • Begging, demanding, or repeatedly asking for free items, pokemon, staff favors, money, etc. is not okay. There are plenty of opportunities for you to obtain good items and Pokemon for purposes of trade.

  • Exploits also include new plugins or features that have an unintended loophole that allows rapid money/item/reward gain or a go-around of limits. This includes unintended bugs from the Pixelmon Mod updates. Whatever you are caught exploiting, will be wiped completely from your account: money, pokemon, etc.

  • Trolling and toxic/instigating behavior go hand in hand. If you’re constantly trying to push arguments, annoy other players, or aggravate ongoing issues, it will result in consequences. Just be good to others and play the game. This is supposed to be relaxing.

  • Eco-dumping is when you are giving a large number of items, money, pokemon, etc. away for free, or for incredibly cheap amounts, to players. Because there is no cost to this, it causes the market to be flooded with textures, legendaries, legendary items, or items that should otherwise be rare. This can make other players upset and unbalance the server, which is not okay. So please do not do it, as it typically results in an immediate ban.

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